Red Carpet Time – Film Premieres on May 18 at NW200

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Roll up for your tickets to the Premiere screening of the ‘Oz – Around Australia on a Triumph’  Film at the Portrush Playhouse on May 18th, 8pm.

Yes we have produced a special edit of the documentary for the NW200 crowd and look forward to screening it at the Playhouse Cinema on Wed May 18 (8&10pm) and all day Sunday May 22 (12,2,4,6,8,10pm).  Tickets will be available on the door prior to screening and there may be drinks promos and giveaways from Coca-Cola or Relentless too. So if you are planning to visit NW200 come along and check it out.


All at Adelaide Adventures are pleased to announce the arrival of the DVD of the trip, HURRAH, three and a half hours of motorcycle travel adventure goodness on one dual layer dvd disc – why wait, order it now by clicking through from the link to the right of screen.

Feedback from has been great and the first five star reviews are out –

Excellent show! Move

The launch of Geoff and Colin’s book – Oz Around Australia on a Triumph, will take place tomorrow Wednesday November 24th at Adelaide Insurance HQ in Belfast complete with barbeque and much fanfare.

There is a link below to the Blackstaff Press website where you can secure your very own copy in time for Xmas. We will post a video blog from the book launch in the next few… Continue reading

And so Geoff and Colin arrive back home to the sirens of the motorcycle police flanked by a band of bikers from the Quay Vipers Club and to the strains of Waltzing Matilda playing under the shade of the Adelaide inflatable finish line. A fitting end to a scorching adventure marked in true style by our friends from Adelaide Insurance Services. You can check out the speechifying here and stayed…Continue reading

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