See? I told you the wombats were dangerous!

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Looks like Colin got the protective plastic cover off his visor just in time, since at the weekend we had to ride two Tigers up a steep ramp onto a stage at the Adelaide Motorcycle Festival press conference to launch the trip.
I led the way, then flinched as there was a loud bang. Bloody hell, I thought, I’ve hit something, only for the air to be filled with silver ticker-tape.
Naturally, I then parked the bike so close to the podium that I couldn’t get off. And left the lights on.
Still, it all went well, and afterwards we were mobbed by groupies. Well, one. And she was a pensioner.
Still, never mind, you have to start somewhere, I thought as I rode off the stage and nearly ran into the stand run by Nick Sanders, the legendary biker who’s set several records for the fastest time around the world by riding his Yamaha R1 1,000 miles a day and only stopping for occasional catnaps on the bike, sometimes even when it was stationary. Not surprisingly, his hair always looks like he’s just taken his helmet off after wearing it all day.
“Sorry about that, Nick,” I said, going over to him after I got off the bike.
“No worries, mate,” he said, shaking my hand.
“Listen, anything we should look out for in Oz?”
“Wombats. Like hitting a brick wall,” he said.
See? I told you I wasn’t being paranoid.
I e-mailed Triumph immediately to see if they could fit wombat protection devices to the front of the bikes in the manner of the cowcatchers on the front of old American locomotives.
Watch this space.

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